Working Papers

Do Dictatorships Affect People’s Long Term Beliefs and Preferences? An Empirical Assessment of the Latin American Case

Does the political regime experienced during youth have long lasting effects on political beliefs and preferences? I exploit time and country variation in political regimes in Latin America using data from the 1995 to 2010 Latinobarometer and find that exposure to non-democratic regimes during youth reduces subsequent preference for democracy, satisfaction with democracy and confidence in institutions. These results suggest exposure to dictatorships during formative years permanently eroded democratic values. Exposure to non-democratic regimes also affects self-location in an ideology scale, reducing identification with the Right and increasing identification with the Left; which suggests dictatorships also shaped the political orientation of voters.


Italian Migration to the United States: The Role of Migrant Networks

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Italian Migration to the United States: The Role of Pioneers’ Locations

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Work in progress

  • The effect of migration on the sending country: The case of Italy and the US


 Publications (before PhD)

  • Wage inequality on the rise: The role of workers’ characteristics. Journal of Income Distribution, vol. 22, n. 2, 2013 (with G. Alves & M. Yapor). [link]
  • Income mobility and poverty traps: new evidence for Southern Cone countries. Estudios Economicos, vol. 28, issue 1, 2013 (with R. Arim, A. Dean, M. Leites & G. Salas). [link]